Michael Rieppel

I am an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Syracuse University. Before arriving at Syracuse I was a PhD student and sometime lecturer in the Philosophy Department at UC Berkeley.

My research interests center on the philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and metaphysics. I also maintain an active interest in the history of analytic philosophy, especially Frege. In my dissertation (UC Berkeley, 2013), I investigated an interconnected set of semantic and metaphysical questions about the nature of predication, with a particular focus on how we ought to think about quantification into predicate position (as in e.g. 'She's everything one might hope to be: healthy, wealthy, and wise.'). Other recent work has been on predicative definite descriptions, proper names, plurals, and the semantics of belief reports. See my research page for more information.

The picture above is of me and a rock on a seesaw at Rodeo Beach. I'm the one on the left.

W. Sellars, The Standard Theory
Fig. Sellars (1985)
Department of Philosophy
541 Hall of Languages
Syracuse University
Syracuse NY, 13244

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