Michael Rieppel

Hi there! I am an Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at Syracuse University, where I also serve as the director of the Logic Minor and the Logic and Language MA concentration in the Linguistics Studies Program. Before arriving at Syracuse I was a PhD student and sometime lecturer in the Philosophy Department at UC Berkeley.

My research interests center on the philosophy of language and philosophical logic, as well as related areas in metaphysics, the history of analytic philosophy, and the philosophy of mind. Topics that continue to fascinate me include predication, higher-order quantification, proper names, definite descriptions, plurals, and propositional attitudes. See my research page for more on that.

The picture above is of me and a rock on a seesaw at Rodeo Beach. I'm the one on the left. I also have interests outside of philosophy. In no particular order, these include baking bread (like Zopf --- that's my picture in the article! --- in my wood fired oven), brewing beer, bicycling (lots of 'b's here!), photography, fingerstyle guitar, and programming. See my &c. page for some of that. Finally, here's my official contact information:

Michael Rieppel
Department of Philosophy
541 Hall of Languages
Syracuse University
Syracuse NY, 13244

Office: 523 Hall of Languages
W. Sellars, The Standard Theory
Fig. Sellars (1985)